205 Litres - 1000 Litres PBF Series Drum Filling Machines


drum filling machine PBF Series

  • Heavy duty filling head for palletised 205 and 1000 Litre containers, adjustable for neck entry or bottom up filling (pictured) operation.
  • Suitable to integrate with a load cell, mass or volumetric flow meter via gravity feed or positive displacement pump system.
  • Standard features include rise whilst filling and a two stage filling system with pre-act which increases speed and accuracy.
  • Safety features include nozzle misalignment device and a limit valve to stop the nozzle leaving the drum whilst filling.
  • An air powered rise and fall cylinder allows for the inclusion of a fume hood, probe wiper and pivoted drip spoon.
  • Product can be supplied either from above or through an optional ground level stainless steel rigid product pipe, connected to the rear of the main column (pictured).
  • Other options include explosion proof design (pictured) and full automation.