50 mL - 20 Litre Automatic Capping Machines / Cap Tightener


The fil-con range of 1 to 20 litre automatic cap tighteners, can be fitted with an optional cap / insert checking device which can stop the conveyor in the event of a cap / insert not being detected.

automatic capping machines with cap tighteners

1 Litre Auto capping machine / cap tightener


5 Litre Auto capping machine / cap tightener



20 Litre Auto capping machine / cap tightener



Cap Hopper


  • Pneumatic capping air motor with one size chuck, either universal or manufactured to suit cap profile.
  • Ascent / Descent mechanism with in-built speed controls.
  • Pneumatic control system.
  • Digital timer for capping time, start delay, air motor start delay and pressure regulator for quick adjustment and repeatable torque settings.
  • Side acting heavy duty container clamps.
  • Quick change design allow for other container clamps to be fitted.
  • Manufactured from a stainless steel cabinet with aluminium rise and fall parts, design similar to our fillers.
  • Double interlocked Hi Impact acrylic door and fixed rear cover.
  • Heavy duty container gate to position container under capping chuck.